Smartphone Astronomy and Astrophotography Accessories

smartphone astro
Utilize your phone’s technology to explore and capture the wonders of the universe with our Smartphone Astronomy and Astrophotography Accessories.

Smartphones are powerful tools, and you can use your own smartphone to enhance your astronomy experience.

Smartphones continue to make incredible leaps in technology year over year, and it’s no surprise that the device you carry with you can help you get better at astronomy. Whether it’s using the built-in camera for taking astrophotography images or helping you control your telescope, smartphones are a great way to experience the night sky.  Find the best smartphone accessories below!

Smartphone Camera Adapters

There are many different types of smartphone accessories out there, and the category only continues to grow. With Smartphone Camera Adapters, you can securely attach your smartphone to your telescope to take amazing pictures of the moon and planets through the eyepiece. With some newer smartphones that have long exposure abilities, it’s now even possible to take stunning pictures of deep sky objects through the eyepiece too.

Smart Telescope Control Units

Using Smart Telescope Control Units, you can control your telescope and more wirelessly with just your phone. While some controllers allow you to move your telescope around and automatically point at objects, others let you control your entire astrophotography rig, including your camera, autoguiding, dew heaters, and more. Smart Telescope Control Units greatly vary in price and capabilities, so be sure to find the best one for you.

Have a look at some incredible images done using a smartphone by Matthijs Burgmeijer (@matthijsburgmeijer).
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